FEBRUARY 12, 2009

The USF1 team plans a launch

Peter Windsor says that the new USF1 team will be launched on Speed TV on February 24. The new team hopes that the announcement of the project will result in more backing arriving.

Windsor started his F1 career as a journalist but became Williams F1's sponsorship manager in 1985. In 1988 he left the team and tried to buy Brabham but the deal ended up in a legal wrangle, although Windsor ended up being awarded $2m in damages. In 1990 he became head of Ferrari's Guildford Technical Office but a year later went back to Williams as team manager. In 1993 Windsor went to America hoping to set up an Indycar team but when that did not happen he established a new F1 team with Japan's Tetsu Ikuzawa and Enrique Scalabroni. This opened a drawing office in Basildon, Essex, but never found the money to build the cars. Windsor then returned to the F1 media and has been working for Speed TV for several years.