JANUARY 18, 2009

Much work needed at Silverstone?

The news that Silverstone has landed the MotoGP British GP from 2010 onwards sounded good when it was announced last week, but we hear that there is grumbling within the British Racing Drivers' Club over the modifications that will have to be made the track in order for the motorcycle racers to visit.

We hear that the MotoGP authorities are not at all keen on the track confuguration at Bridge Corner, where the track is bounded on either side by walls. These cannot easily be moved as the bridge into the centre of the circuit crosses the track at this point. There is no room on either side of the track for run-off. The options would appear to be to build a tunnel at this point but even that would be difficult as there is not much room on either side. The alternative would be to reroute the circuit up the South Circuit and the cut through in the area of the old aerodrome Control Tower to Priory. This would still require a bridge or a tunnel for access.

We also hear that there is controversy over Woodcote where extra run-off might be needed. This would either require moving the track or moving two grandstands...

MotoGP has been very careful of barriers close to the racing since the death of Daijiro Kato after an accident at Suzuka in 2003.