NOVEMBER 21, 2008

Overtaking is easier!

The new Formula 1 cars of 2009 may look a bit odd at the moment and the front wings may be ugly, but the first impressions from the drivers are that the new aerodynamic rules that have been devised by the Overtaking Working Group will make it easy for them to race. BMW Sauber test driver Christian Klien says that it is now easier to get closer to the car in front because of the reduction in turbulence created by the smaller rear wings. In addition the wider front wings mean that the front end of the following car is more stable and so a driver has more confidence that he can make a move.

BMW is now planning to "race" two of its modified cars at the next test in Jerez to see whether the theory has become a reality...

Klien says that the looks of the cars is really not important.

"Beauty and elegance are pretty important for a road car," he says. "In racing, only speed counts."