OCTOBER 7, 2008

World Council proposes the end for Hoosein

Nazir Hoosein, a longtime ally of Max Mosley at the FIA, has been fighting for his survival in the corridors of power in recent months over the question of the sporting power in India. The FIA decided in the summer that Hoosein's Motorsports Association of India (MAI) should be ousted but Hoosein then won a decision in the FIA International Court of Appeal as the necessary processes had not been done correctly. The FIA wants to transfer the power back to the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), which Hoosein once led. When he was kicked out by the Indians, the FIA agreed to the formation of MAI, stripped the FMSCI of its power, and Hoosein was even allowed to sit on the World Council representing China. This very odd situation ended in a compromise with Hoosein regaining the World Council seat for India and the FMSCI agreeing to work with MAI. However that compromise was not a success and it seems that Hoosein may have overplayed his hand.