OCTOBER 4, 2008

The revamped Donington Park

More details are emerging of the plans to revamp Donington Park for the British Grand Prix in 2010. Donington Ventures Leisure Ltd has submitted plans for the first phase of the re-development of Donington Park. North West Leicestershire District Council has accepted the plans as being valid and they will now move on to the approval process, which the circuit hopes will be completed by early next year. If all goes to plan the work will then start but this will not affect the 2009 events at the track. The work is expected to costs around $175m and there is no indication as to where this money will be coming from. The plans show a new pit and paddock complex on the inside of Coppice Corner and if all goes ahead the Exhibition Centre will have to demolished as it is on the route of the new main straight. This curves slightly down to the Melbourne Hairpin and then the track sweeps round to the left, dropping downhill towards the Old Hairpin, where there will be a tight left-handed corner in the current infield. The track will then climb the hill again, through two left-handers and will thenpass the old pits on a new Wheatcroft Straight down to Redgate Corner. As part of the redevelopment there will be a number of new hospitality suites around the circuit and two bits of road in the new section of track will link to the Old Hairpin area, thus creating the possibility of having two short circuits in operation at the same time. This will help to increase income from events for the rest of the year.