A petition supporting Lewis

The fans of Formula 1 are clearly upset about the decision by the FIA Stewards at Spa on Sunday night and in just 36 hours have amassed a total of 22,000 signatures on an Internet petition.

The petition says that "we, the undersigned, insist that the FIA reconsider the decision made to add 25 seconds to the finishing time of Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes) in the Formula 1 Belgium Grand-Prix. We believe the decision that has been made to be wrong and strongly urge you to revert back to the original final classifications. The rules state that Lewis Hamilton had to give position back to Kimi Raikkonen, which he did. He then freely, and through driving skill alone got position one back."

The mood of the fans is clear when one reads the hundreds of message that have come with the votes. For more information go to