JULY 29, 2008

Rumours about Alonso

We reported some months ago that we believed that Fernando Alonso had signed a deal to race for Ferrari in 2010. This has been consistently denied by all concerned, but the rumours do not go away and the latest is that the Spaniard is looking at buying a house in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, which would be close enough to get to and from Maranello without too much drama. His current house near Geneva makes travel much more complicated.

It seems from what we are hearing that Alonso's future will largely depend on what happens to Kimi Raikkonen as the Finn may possibly retire at the end of the current season and that would give Ferrari a problem for next year. We believe that Alonso is waiting to see what happens and could be in a red car in 2009 if Raikkonen decides that he has had enough.