APRIL 5, 2008

Brazilian supports Mosley

The Brazilian motorsport federation Confederacao Brasileira De Automobilismo (CBA) President Paulo Eneas Scaglione, has said that FIA President Max Mosley has a right to privacy in his private life and should go on and complete his mandate, if he chooses to do so. This opinion is at odds with the opinions of two of the FIA's biggest clubs America's AAA and Germany's ADAC which have both cast doubts on Mosley's future because of the effects of the stories that have been published on his (and thus the FIA's) credibility.

There is no doubt that some people in the F1 world agree that what one does in one's private life is not a matter for the rest of the world, while others argue that if one takes a public office one must accept that one will be judged by the standards expected from that office.