JANUARY 25, 2008

Mosley looks to the future

Max Mosley says that he will decide whether to stand again as a candidate for President of the FIA in October this year, a year before the election is due to take place. Mosley says that he is not yet sure if he will be a candidate - he is allowed one more term of office under the current rules - and that his decision will be based above all on whether he feels he wants to continue.

"I don't want to go on doing this forever," he said.

Mosley said that his last big project (at the moment) is to see F1 switch from looking for more horsepower by making the engines run faster and switch towards finding the extra power by using new systems such as the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, head recovery systems and exhaust energy recovery. Mosley say that these will be of great importance for the sport as it will lead the automobile industry towards a much cleaner future.