OCTOBER 11, 2007

A1GP, powered by Ferrari

As we exclusively reported some weeks ago, Ferrari and A1GP have agreed a long-term deal which will see the Italian firm supplying the chassis and engine design for the A1 Series for a six-year period, between 2008 and 2014. Ferrari will design and build the engines and will design the chassis although these will be manufactured by someone else, probably Dallara. The partnership with Ferrari will include an exclusive licensing agreement for all A1GP merchandise to use the Ferrari name and phrase "Powered by Ferrari".

Tony Teixeira, the boss of A1GP says that the partnership with Ferrari will position A1GP as "one of the most significant motorsport series in the world".

A1GP has also announced the launch of A2GP, a regional regional single-seat racing car series which will begin testing in 2009. Ferrari will be integral to the growth of the new series and will again supply all engines and design and consult on the manufacture of the new chassis. The new series will feature the same engines but these will be tuned to produce only 400hp compared to the 600hp which will be used by A1GP.

The deal has been under discussion for the last three months and is the first time that Ferrari has entered into such an agreement.