OCTOBER 1, 2007

Todt says no chance for Alonso

Jean Todt will have set himself for a fall if Fernando Alonso ends up at Ferrari in 2008. Todt says that there is zero chance of the Spaniard moving to Ferrari next year. This contradicts reliable sources that are saying that talks are taking place to get Alonso into the team alongside Kimi Raikkonen. Todt says that he is going to have the same two drivers next year but this does not really explain why Felipe Massa has been talking to other teams in recent weeks. Todt says that Raikkonen and Massa are under contract and said that he would "respect a contract for a guy cleaning the floor, so you can imagine that I will respect a contract with them". This may be so, but if Todt is no longer running the team next year that theory may not remain a reality. There have been rumours for some time that Todt is being moved out of the racing division to make way for Ross Brawn.