SEPTEMBER 28, 2007

Singapore decides on its track design

Singapore has revealed the definitive design of its Formula 1 track. There has been much discussion over the exact routing for some months but the track is now decided and will be 3.15 miles in length and will have 24 turns. The race will be 61 laps and if all goes to plan it will be the first ever F1 race to be held at night. This remains dependent on safety clearance for a lighting system that will replicate daylight conditions.

The circuit will include a completely new pit straight which is being built along with the necessary buildings. The cars are likely to reach a maximum speed in excess of 200mph along Raffles Boulevard. The cars will also go through the 97-year-old Anderson Bridge, over the Singapore River.

"After months of poring over the drawing board, we are now one step closer to our dream," said Colin Syn, the deputy chairman of Singapore GP. "There is no time to celebrate - it is now full speed ahead for us to get this race on the road."