SEPTEMBER 28, 2007

Cheap shot!

Luca di Montezemolo, the chairman of Ferrari, has developed a bad habit in recent weeks of opening his mouth and saying controversial things. A few weeks ago Montezemolo told students in Rome that he had been a World Champion copier when he was taking exams and that they would do well to copy things from others. This came at the height of the Stepneygate revelations.

Now that the FIA has decided to punish McLaren for being in possession of Ferrari data, despite having absolutely no proof that it was used to improve the performance of the cars, Montezemolo has waded in saying that "whoever wins the Drivers' title will do so either with a little bit of Ferrari or with a proper Ferrari".

It is shame that the team needs to use such ridiculous claims. It would be better to win the World Championship on the race track rather than in the newspapers.