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SEPTEMBER 25, 2007

Former F1 test driver survives bomb attack

Police in Moscow are investigating what appears to have been a murder attempt against Sergei Zlobin, the first Russian to drive a modern Formula 1 car. Zlobin climbed aboard his Mercedes G500 SUV on Monday morning in the north of the city. The car exploded after it had moved only a couple of feet. The blast tore through the floor of the car, causing Zlobin minor leg injuries but he was able to get himself out of the car and phoned the police himself.

Zlobin (37) said that he had no idea why he would be a target for any assassination attempt.

The Russian did a few tests with Minardi in 2002 when the team was negotiating a contract with the state-controlled Gazprom company. This deal never happened and Zlobin's link with the team ended.