JULY 16, 2007

McLaren confirms that Coughlan acted alone

McLaren has issued another press statement saying that its own investigation revealed that "no Ferrari materials or data are or have ever been in the possession of any McLaren employee other than the individual sued by Ferrari. The fact that he held at his home unsolicited materials from Ferrari was not known to any other member of the team prior to July 3".

The team said that it is "concerned" about the "erroneous speculation has arisen from inaccurate and misleading reference to the contents of confidential legal papers filed at court in response to Ferrari's UK action to recover its intellectual property. This is unfortunate and is prejudicial to a fair interpretation of these matters".

McLaren is continuing to say that it has "categorically established that no Ferrari information has at any stage been used to develop its car".

The team says it will present a complete and accurate picture of events in "the appropriate forum", the FIA World Motor Sport Council on July 26.