MAY 26, 2007

A bad day for the US fans

A US appeals court has rejected an attempt by US fans to get their money back after the disastrous 2005 Grand Prix at Indianapolis when 14 of thee 20 cars pulled into the pits before the start of the race.

The court in Chicago ruled in a 3-0 decision that a previous judgement was correct and that fans did not have any contractual rights and accepted the possibilty of such disruptions when they purchased their tickets for the race.

Several fans sued the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Michelin, the FIA and even the racing teams involved, arguing that a Grand Prix contracts require a minimum of 12 cars top be present and demanding money and travel costs.

Judge Richard Cudahy concluded that a six-car race might have been "less rich, interesting or challenging than a 12-car race" but that this was not prohibited nor nonsensical under the rules.

Hopefully this is the end of the whole miserable business.