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MAY 11, 2007

Agathangelou leaves Red Bull

Ben Agathangelou, who headed the aerodynamic team at Red Bull Racing before the arrival of McLaren's Peter Prodromou, has left the Milton Keynes team.

Agathangelou has spent his entire career in F1, starting in 1994 when he joined McLaren after graduating in aeronautics and astronautics at the University of Southampton. He spent three years in Woking and then moved to a senior role in Harvey Posthlethwaite's team at Tyrrell. From there he went on to be chief aerodynamicist with Honda Racing Development. Although the team did not eventually enter F1, it did do an impressive job in testing and in 1999 Agathangelou was hired to be chief aerodynamicist at Benetton. He stayed until the arrival of Mike Gascoyne in 2001 and then moved on to join Jaguar Racing, inheriting the troublesome R3. He has been with the team ever since but with the arrival of Adrian Newey and some of his engineers from McLaren Agathangelou was moved into an organisational role which clearly he was not happy with.

It will be interesting to see where he ends up.