MAY 2, 2007

Now F1 becomes a sports bar

There is to be a Formula 1 sports bar in Holland following the announcement of a deal between Heineken and Spyker. As part of the deal Heineken will become the official beer supplier of trackside events organised by the Etihad Aldar Spyker team. Further announcements will be made on July 1 2007 but one presumes that the bar will have branding from "Spyker F1" rather than simply "F1" as this would be frowned upon by the Formula 1 group which claims that it owns the term F1 and happily throws lawyers at anyone who cares to argue that point.

Teams have certain rights to use the F1 if it is used in connection to the name of the team but this deal seems to be teetering rather close to the limit.

"Developing and realising innovative bar concepts is a main priority for our company and this Formula 1 sports bar fits with our ambitions of being the most innovative brewer," says Herwin van den Berg, Marketing Director of Heineken Nederland."