APRIL 25, 2007

Meanwhile in Bucharest

Work has now started on the construction of the racing circuit that will circle the Romanian Parliament building. The race, which should take place on the weekend of May 18-20 was to have included the GP Masters but there is no sign of the series on the official website and there are no sessions listed in the official timetable. We hear that there may be legal action as a result of this as GP Masters is unhappy with the way it has been treated by the promoter.

The track is being built with equipment purchased by the promoter from the Spanish city of Bilbao and the plan is for there top be 70,000 grandstand seats around the track

The programme will include the FIA GT Championship, the FIA GT3 European Championship, the British Formula 3 International Series and the local Logan Cup.

Herman Tilke, the track designer, reckons that the circuit will have an average speed for the GTs of around 92mph, with top speeds of around 140mph.