APRIL 12, 2007

Kuwait plans a race track

The surge of interest in motorsport in the Middle East has resulted in a number of race tracks and proposed race tracks in Bahrain, Dubai and Qatar. Abu Dhabi has also jumped on tne bandwagon and now Kuwait says it wants to join the party. The country used to run major rally events in the 1980s in the Middle East Rally Championship but when the country was invaded by Iraq in 1989 the activities stopped. There was a brief revival of rallying in 1995 and 1996 but since then the country has sunk into inertia. That is about to change. Ahmad Al-Dawoud Al-Sabah, a member of the Kuwait ruling family, that has ruled the country since 1752, has established the Kuwait Motor Sports Club Sheikh (KMSC) and has been granting the sporting power for the country by the FIA, following an agreement with the Kuwait International Automobile Club.

The aim now is to raise the finance to construct an international level circuit.