APRIL 14, 2007

RUF Automobile piggybacks on F1 to launch new supercar

German sports car manufacturer RUF Automobile celebrated the opening of its new factory at the Bahrain International Circuit by launching the new RUF CTR3 supercar in front of the F1 world. The factory will be used to build cars for the Middle East and Asia and will operate alongside RUF's traditional home of Pfaffenhausen in Germany. The factory in Bahrain was designed by Hermann Tilke.

"One of the main reasons why we chose to bring our company here is because we believe that the passion for performance and for motoring in countries who host Formula 1 is significantly higher," said Alois Ruf. "And that means not only customers but workers, sharing excitement for what we do together,"

No doubt Bernie Ecclestone will be delighted to know that his circus is so useful to outsiders.