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FEBRUARY 16, 2007

Renault quits the GPMA - does it really matter?

The Grand Prix Manufacturers Association has had a serious problem in the last few weeks: there is no reason for it to exist. Now that the FIA has voted through an advisory commission for the major manufacturers in F1, there is a forum for discussion for GPMA members and so there is not really a need for an external organisation. That does not mean that it will not be revived again in a few years when it is time to negotiate again but for the time-being it seems that peace has broken out.

The news means that the GPMA now has only BMW, Honda and Mercedes-Benz as members.

The interesting question is not why Renault has left the organisation but rather why the French manufacturer felt the need to draw attention to this event.

Perhaps it would have been better to let the GPMA fade gently away.