JANUARY 12, 2007

Ferrari - how it will work

Stefano Domenicali and Mario Almondo, the new sporting and technical directors of Ferrari, were introduced to the Italian media at the annual event at Madonna di Campiglio and theytook the opportunity to explain their new roles.

Domenicali explained that Ferrari managing-director Jean Todt will attend all the races but added that the Frenchman might not be present on every day of each Grand Prix, while Domenicali will deal with the team's operations at the circuits.

Almondo may not attend all races but has a slightly different role to that of Ross Brawn as the Englishman was technical director and also running the technical operations at the circuits. This year the racing side of the job will be overseen by Luca Balderisseri.

Domenicali said that the drivers will "be treated on an equal basis" and that the T-car will be prepared for one or the other on an alternating basis and when it comes to strategy a similar rule will apply with Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa taking turns at being the first to decide on which laps their pit stops will occur.

The team also confirmed that there will be sponsorship from Abu Dhabi's Mubadala holding company.