DECEMBER 15, 2006

F1 behind the times?

Formula 1 is looking to the future with vague ideas of biodiesel-powered turbo engines in the medium term but by then Audi will possibly have achieved victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours using biofuels. The German company says it will use bio-fuel at Le Mans in 2008, having already become the first manufacturer to win the race with a diesel-engined car earlier this year.

We want to use the R10 programme to develop combustion technology,' said the company's head of engine technology Ulrich Baretzky at the World Motorsport Symposium in London. "As soon as possible we would like to use Biomass to Liquid fuel. That means that we will be using synthetic fuels made from renewable sources. The best part is that the transformation process can be CO2 neutral. That's environmentally friendly motorsport and we hope to introduce BTL fuel in 2008."

Looks like F1 needs to speed up a little.