DECEMBER 1, 2006

Da Matta yet to decide on his future

Cristiano da Matta is now back in Brazil and has been continuing his recovery following his crash in August at Road America when he suffered serious head injuries after colliding with a deer. Da Matta was in a coma for some time but is now well on his way to recovery and says that he is "almost completely recovered, living a normal life and focused on my health". The 33-year-old former F1 driver is doing many of the things he used to do before the accident but says that he lacks the strength he used to have and has promised not to think about going back to racing until he is 100% recovered.

Da Matta says he remembers almost nothing about the crash apart from the initial impact with the deer.

The former Champ Car title winner was rebuilding his career in the series after two poor years in F1 when the accident occurred.