NOVEMBER 8, 2006

Berger plans new Scuderia Toro Rosso factory in Italy

Gerhard Berger says that he intends to build a new factory for Scuderia Toro Rosso either in Faenza or in nearby Forli, which boasts an airport and would offer a bigger factory with better access to the major motorway that runs through the region. Berger says that the important thing is for the team to maintain an Italian image - despite the fact that it is now run by Austrians. The current Minardi factory is tiny in comparison to other F1 facilities and its location, next to an industrial winery, lacks the glamour of some of the other F1 team bases.

What is not currently clear is to what extent the team will need a production facility in Italy as it will be sharing its chassis with Red Bull Racing in Britain. Under the current F1 regulations, teams must manufacture their own cars but that will not the case in 2008, which means that Minardi could get away with a smaller facility if it is simply a question of needing a workshop out of which to run the racing team.

The reality is that in terms of efficiency it is probably better for the team to have its own production department in Italy, even if the team will end up relying on Britain for the design and development of its cars.