OCTOBER 25, 2006

Spyker wants a name change

Spyker wants to change the name MF1 Racing to Spyker F1 next year - a logical choice rather than the Spyker MF1 Racing that was used after the team was bought by the Dutch car manufacturer six weeks ago. The team has big plans for next year but things may not be quite as easy as some think. A change of name in F1 is only possible every five years, according to the current rules, unless all the teams give their agreement. Spyker would argue that there is no reason to block such a change but this is to overlook the political implications. Recently Spyker blocked a request for teams to be allowed to run chassis built by others unless the prize fund was increased for 10 to 12 teams. No-one could agree to that and so Super Aguri and Scuderia Toro Rosso are currently going through complicated legal manoeuvres to achieve the same result by a different route. There is no reason why either would agree to let Spyker change its name with a little horse-trading.