More on Spyker MF1

The Spyker MF1 team will be announced at 7pm European time when the Dutch consortium will give details of the sale of the team by Alex Shnaider. The name Spyker MF1 has been chosen because of the stipulations in the Concorde Agreement which mean that teams cannot change their names more than once every five years unless there is an agreement of all the other signatories.

The interest now is over the engine supply and our spies are telling us that Spyker will get Ferrari V8s as part of a bigger deal involving the supply of Ferrari engines for the planned Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris, a four-wheel drive, four-door, four-seater luxury Super Sports Utility Vehicle, which is due to go into production at the end of 2007. The new car is due to use 500hp Audi W12 engines but we believe that a deal has been struck to use Ferrari engines instead (or perhaps in addition to) the original plan.

We expect to hear more details within a hour or two.