Italian government confirms Imola cash

The plans have been in place for some time but the Italian government has now confirmed that it will be providing $13m for work at Autodromo Enzo & Dino Ferrari and that work will begin in October and be completed by March. The work will include the removal of the Variante Bassa chicane (just before the current pits). This will mean that there will be a long straight from the exit of Rivazza to the entrance of Tamburello. There will be a new pit and paddock complex on the first part of this straight, featuring 30 garages and a new race control and media centre. In this area there is more room between the racetrack and the River Santerno than where the current paddock is located and there is also room for a new bridge, which will greatly improve access to the track from the town.

The circuit has a contract to stage a race until 2009 but had to complete the necessary work in order to keep the event.

The Italian government says that the race will take place on April 29.