MAY 27, 2006

GPDA rumblings

Within minutes of the end of qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix, there were rumblings in the paddock that a number of the F1 drivers are so unahppy about what happened to Michael Schumacher that the Grand Prix Drivers' Association is going to demand Schumacher's resignation from the board of directors of the organisation because they consider his manoeuvre at Rascasse to have been unsporting and detrimental to the image of the sport.

Michael denied doing anything deliberate to get pole position for the race but the mood in the paddock and in the media centre was very clear indeed.

Fernando Alonso did the right thing and remained diplomatic but everyone knew what he was thinking.

The FIA Stewards are investigating the incident and their reaction will be interesting to watch as their credibility is, to some extent, depenedent on what they rule.