MARCH 17, 2006

Pirelli to bid for F1 deal?

The word on the street in Italy is that Italian tyremaker Pirelli is considering a bid for the role of F1 tyre supplier next year when F1 switches to a single tyre supplier. The FIA will decide the identity of the supplier after a tendering process which will be beginning shortly. The Italian firm has a long history in Grand Prix racing, dating back to 1913 and was a major player before World War II and then in the early years of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship. The firm left F1 in the late 1950s and did not return until 1985-1987 and then again between 1989-1991. The company has enjoyed much success in other forms of racing and is not bothered about the fact that single suppliers tend to get less coverage because the company believes that fans are still going to buy their product to enjoy the sporting association.