NOVEMBER 20, 2005

Honda's new look

There has been talk in recent days of the name of the new Honda-owned BAR team with suggestions, coming from a presentation made by Nick Fry in Monaco at last week's sponsorship forum that the team will be known as Honda Racing F1 Team. This fits in with a new colour scheme which has fallen into our lap with the predominant colour being white - as in the old Honda F1 cars of the 1960s. This we understand will be called "Honda Racing White" and will be used with the current layout on the interim car which will run in the next few months. It is not the definitive 2006 livery but this is likely to follow similar lines when that car does appear. Honda takes full control of the team on December 31 although the team will continue to have support from Lucky Strike for one more year.

It is worth noting that the new livery could easily be adapted to fit the red or white Vodafone logo. The team is rumoured to be discussing a sponsorship deal with the mobile phone company for 2007.