NOVEMBER 9, 2005

Former Ferrari men indicted

Former Ferrari employees Angelo Santini and Mauro Iacconi were formally indicted on Monday in Italy accused of having stealing information from Ferrari to give to their new employer Toyota. The case, which is being handled by Modena public prosecutor Fausto Casari was put before judge Alberto Ziroldi at the Tribunale di Modena. he recommended that Santini and Iacconi be prosecuted but charges against a third man, Antonio Tentorio, be dropped.

The case relates to data which the men are alleged to have taken from Ferrari computers.

The big question is whether Toyota knew what was going on or was a unwitting victim in the events that took place. It is believed that faced with the evidence gathered from the Toyota computers, Santini has admitted to the offences. Toyota is refusing to return the software to Ferrari because it argues the development that has taken place since is such that it is in effect the work of Toyota and giving it to Ferrari would give the Italian team a significant advantage.