OCTOBER 28, 2005

Mosley re-elected

Max Mosley has been re-elected president of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), a spokesman for motorsport's world governing body told the Reuters newsagency on Friday morning. Mosley returned by "unanimous acclamation" at a meeting of the FIA's General Assembly in Rome.

The news is no surprise as no-one was standing against Mosley in the election.

What is much more interesting is the make-up of Mosley's team which was elected with him, the FIA having changed the voting structure earlier this year to create a situation in which a team is elected with the president. This favoured the incumbent as the most experienced FIA people would inevitably be on the main ticket and challengers would be dissuaded from entering the competition because of the likelihood of losing. It is expected that Mosley (65) will not serve the full term of office but will hand over to one of his deputy presidents in a couple of years. Thus the identity of the deputies are more interesting than the election itself.