JUNE 29, 2005

The latest from Paris...

The World Council meeting is now taking place in Paris. The general hearing has already taken place, and the team principals are now being questioned one by one before departing the FIA, refusing to comment. The word from within the meeting is that bad news is expected.

BAR principal Nick Fry has just come out of the meeting, with Ron Dennis expected to be the next to come out.

Minardi's Paul Stoddart came to Paris, but was refused entry to the World Council meeting.

An FIA press conference with Max Mosley is planned for 3pm local Paris time, while a press conference of the Manufacturers is expected sometime after - at which Stoddart is expected to be part of.

Rumours are that BAR is facing a ban - in which case it is anticipated that BAT and Honda would announce that they would pull out of the championship.

More as things develop...