OCTOBER 29, 2004

Jordan, Toyota, Horner and a man from China

Eddie Jordan is close to a deal with Toyota for a supply of engine for his team but it looks like the deal will include a number of other changes, including the arrival in the team of a new owner in the form of a mysterious businessman from China, whom we have yet to identify. It seems that in addition Arden International's Christian Horner will come in and run the team. It is not clear exactly how the deal will work but with a Toyota engine and a Mark Smith-designed chassis (Smith having joined Jordan recently from Renault) the team has a fighting chance of some good results even if the arrangements are going to be very late in the day and there will be pressure on the team to get a car out in time for the new season. The deal will almost certainly involve Australian Toyota nominee Ryan Briscoe and if Horner is involved we would expect him to try to get Formula 3000 Vitantonio Liuzzi into the team, unless the Italian gets a better offer from another team.

The exact details of the deal that is coming together are not clear but it may involve some technology transfer from Toyota, which would speed up Jordan's tasks in the months ahead.

The deal needs to be in place before the November 15 deadline for entries for next year.

Ironically, the Jordan budget may well be boosted by a pay-off from the Ford Motor Company as Jordan is understood to be keen that the bean-counters in Detroit give him a proper settlement with regard to agreements that were in place for 2005.