AUGUST 23, 2003

Firman has a big one

Ralph Firman had a huge accident in practice on Saturday morning at the Hungaroring after the rear wing of his Jordan fell off at one of the fastest parts of the circuit. The car went out of control and spun, bouncing across the run-off area and hitting the barriers side-on at very high speed. Firman took a huge G-force on the impact and was clearly in some discomfort after the crash, which bent back the barrier support posts behind the tire barriers. It is estimated that the car was travelling at around 125mph when the accident began and probably hit the wall at around 80mph. Firman was taken to the circuit medical center and was then flown by helicopter to the Orszagos Traumatologiai Intezet at Sebeszeti Osztaly, near Budapest for tests. The medical crews at the accident reported that Firman was all right but it remains to be seen whether he will take any further part in the Hungarian GP weekend. The team is investigating the cause of the accident.