MARCH 26, 2003

Keep Behring in mind...

Oliver Behring, the man who wanted to rescue Arrows at the end of last year, says that he has not given up the idea of entering a team in Formula 1, and says that there will be a German Grand Prix Racing Team on the grid in Melbourne next year. Behring says that he has already applied for an entry for the World Championship and that he will buy both chassis and engines from existing teams and suppliers. The team, he says, will be based in Bremen.

Behring says that he has the necessary finance in place until the end of 2004 and says that the ideal person to lead the team would be Craig Pollock. It remains to be seen whether Pollock would be interested in the job.

The announcement does not however seem to indicate that the team has the kind of resources needed to make any impact in F1 and with a budget in place only until the end of the first season and no track record in other formulae, it is by no mean guaranteed that the team will be granted an entry. In addition no new team gets any TV money for at least three years and it will also have to pay its own transportation costs, which are considerable.