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AUGUST 21, 2001

Mansell crashes at Donington Park

NIGEL MANSELL today crashed heavily at Donington Park competing in a demonstration race while carrying a passenger in a special two-seater F1 Minardi.

His passenger, British businessman Jonathan Frost, had paid $55,000 dollars during a charity auction at the Monaco grand prix ball for the privilege of riding with the 48-year old British driver. But he got more than he bargained for when Mansell slammed the machine into the back of Fernando Alonso's similar car on the last lap of the race.

"One things's for sure, you saw a real motor race there," said Mansell, who had reputedly been paid $15,000 dollars for this guest appearance.

"It was just one of those hiccups in motor racing. We just hit the car in front. It was very unfortunate and very regrettable."

The demonstration race was won by Minardi team owner Paul Stoddart who was understandably concerned that one of his cars had been involved in an accident.

"Everybody's okay and it goes to prove how strong modern Formula One cars are. I echo Nigel in saying we will not be doing that again," said the Australian businessman. The race involved five cars with the others driven by Tarso Marques and the man who may replace him in the Minardi team, Malaysia's Alex Yoong.