JULY 17, 2001

Schumacher rolls

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER emerged unscathed from his Ferrari F-2001 after the car was launched into a barrel roll at 120mph in testing at Monza today (Tuesday).

Schumacher was taken for a standard check-up in the medical center, as all drivers must after such an incident, but was reported to be in fine shape.

Reports coming in from Monza suggest that Michael Schumacher, who is in a commanding lead of this year's world championship, lost control as he braked from around 180mph for the Seconda Variante after the rear end of his Ferrari snapped out too far, too fast for the German to catch.

The reigning world champion was pitched into the retaining barrier and launched into a barrel roll, coming to rest against the tire wall at the exit of the chicane. His F1-2001 is badly damaged at the front and will be sent back to the team's HQ in Maranello for a thorough examination.

Schumacher's only comment has been: "I am OK." His continued presence at the test is now up for debate as he returns home to Geneva. Meanwhile testing was delayed for an hour before lunch while the damaged barriers were repaired.

The test is a shakedown for the high-speed Hockenheim circuit when F1 turns out for the German Grand Prix.