MAY 26, 2001

Breakaway series plans to go-ahead

RENAULT SPORT president Patrick Faure said on Saturday that the car-makers still plan to go ahead with threats to form a breakaway series in 2008.

The car-makers fear the prospect of 'pay tv' will damage their interests in the sport and Faure said that the European Car Makers Association (ACEA) "cannot leave Formula One to be run by someone else.

"We will be appointing our own chief executive officer to oversee our championship," he explained, adding that the chairmanship will rotate between the manufacturers involved.

Faure also added that he and the association accepted they would not be able to own and regulate their own series.

"You cannot be the players and the referee at the same time," he said. "It may seem a long time to 2008, but it will arrive like tomorrow."

But FIA president Max Mosley is still confident that SLEC, Bernie Ecclestone's holding company of which EM.TV and Kirch own the majority share, and the car-makers can reach an agreement.

"Don't underestimate their resources and ability," Mosley said. "I do think the most sensible solution will be for the three groups to be involved and come to an agreement."