MARCH 21, 2001

Interlagos legal dispute will not affect the race

THE Brazilian Grand Prix is not under threat following a legal dispute that stopped development work at the Interlagos - because the delay was due to the lack of circuit furniture.

The pre-race improvements were put on hold when tables and chairs failed to turn up on time, but the circuit is now back on schedule.

A spokesperson for the circuit denied there was any doubt that the race would go ahead and said although the dispute will end in a court case the delays are not harmful for the Grand Prix.

"There is a legal dispute over a contract, but the object of this dispute has been delivery of furniture which has now been done."

He confirmed that there was still work left to be done before the Brazilian race, but said that there are only small details to conclude.

"Work is not completed but it is going as planned," said the spokesperson. "The things that are left are minor works like installing furniture and painting guard rails."

He said that the circuit is certainly up to the safety levels required from Formula One, and confirmed that there was "nothing left to be done" on that issue.