MARCH 8, 2001

Regazzoni calls for Mosley to go

Clay Regazzoni, the former Ferrari driver, has called for FIA president Max Mosley to resign after the death of marshal Graham Beveridge at the Australian Grand Prix.

Regazzoni has added to the criticism of Mosley, who since the fatal accident has said the FIA will investigate the speed of Formula One cars this year as the new tire war between Michelin and Bridgestone have seemed to make them quicker.

Regazzoni believes the FIA chief has failed to do his job in slowing the cars down. Mosley admitted as much, and conceded that things must be done to rectify the situation if it continues.

But the five-time Grand Prix winner, who is now in a wheelchair after crashing at the American Grand Prix in 1980, believes Mosley must further acknowledge his mistakes by quitting his post.

"When Mosley says that his engineers have made mistakes in calculating the progress the cars have made this year he should have the courage to resign," said Regazzoni in Italy's Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.

"Look how many accidents there have been this year, even in private test sessions," he added.

However, he also believes the FIA is being too soft on the drivers and suggested Jacques Villeneuve, who crashed into the back of the BMW-Williams of Ralf Schumacher and sent debris through a safety fence resulting in the death of the marshal in Australia, should be punished.

"Villeneuve should be shown the red card for what he did in Melbourne," stated a controversia