FEBRUARY 21, 2001

FIA to move back to Paris

FIA President Max Mosley says that the international automobile federation will be returning to Paris in January 2002 after a couple of years being headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The Swiss offices will remain open to continue the FIA liaison with the international touring association (AIT) but the sporting departments of the FIA will be back in Paris.

Mosley also confirmed plans for the FIA to establish a British charitable trust into which the $360m which is expected to come from the long-term lease of the commercial rights to Formula 1 will be paid. The foundation will fund all future FIA research programs into road safety, the environment and so.

The $360m deal is not however yet concluded as the contract has not been signed between the governing body and the commercial rights holder SLEC and no deal is likely until the future of the FIA-SLEC relationship is sorted out.