JANUARY 30, 2001

Residents support Hockenheim redevelopment

THE residents of the town of Hockenheim have voted in favor of work to redevelop the track in order to keep hold of the German Grand Prix. The race generates considerable local income for a minimal amount of disruption in the town and the revamping of the track would mean that the income remained (and could even increase) and the disruption would reduce as access roads would be changed to create a more effective system. This should now clear the way for the work to go ahead as the money for the work is already in place. The work could begin as soon as the 2001 event is over on July 29. The local government is hoping that before the German GP an agreement can be reached with Bernie Ecclestone for a new contract. If all goes to plan the track will be shortened to around 2.5 miles and the number of grandstand seats will be increased.

Hockenheim has the support of the state government of Baden-Wurttemberg and is keen to do a deal as soon as possible to block a bid for the race from the Lausitzring in the former East Germany.