DECEMBER 21, 2000

Prost secure future with PSN sponsorship deal

PROST GRAND PRIX announced on Thursday that they had secured their immediate future after signing a lucrative sponsorship deal with television broadcaster Pan-American Sports Network (PSN).

PSN withdrew from a deal to buy into struggling Italian team Minardi earlier this year, but after Gauloises Blondes split with Prost last season, the Miami-based media giant has decided to team up with Alain Prost's team.

PSN president and chief-executive officer Jacques Kramer has been in negotiations with Prost for some time and the deal will provide the funds for the Guyancourt-based team to prosper in Formula One.

"I have been in close contact with Jacques Kramer for several months," said Prost. "It was soon clear to us that an alliance between PSN and Prost Grand Prix is a good match, with huge potential.

"PSN becomes not only an important sponsor for the team, but they come to join and strengthen the solid structure Prost Grand Prix forms with its partners, Pedro Diniz, Ufa Sports, Lvmh.

"Our strategy is to work in total synergy with the objective of developing worldwide, innovative commercial and marketing opportunities and establishing a presence in new markets."

Kramer added: "We are absolutely delighted to be partnering Alain Prost and his team and are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

"This innovative partnership is based on the commitment of Prost Grand Prix and PSN to use their proprietary attributes to contribute to each other's success.

"The alliance with Prost will enable us to enhance the in-depth coverage of Formula One while also strengthening PSN's brand image."

The move heightens speculation that Argentine driver Gaston Mazzacane, who is backed by PSN, will link up with Jean Alesi as Prost's second driver for the 2001 world championship.