DECEMBER 16, 2000

German GP protester gets compensation for Mercedes dismissal

ROBERT SEHLI, the sacked Mercedes-Benz worker who protested against his dismissal during the German Grand Prix, has won a court case entitling him to compensation from the car manufacturer.

The 47-year-old Frenchman, who was dismissed from Mercedes' Le Mans production factory, brought chaos to the Hockenheim event in July this year when he walked on to the track during the race.

Sehli was fined £600 (pounds) by the German circuit's authorities after the Safety Car was deployed midway through the race.

But a French court has ordered Mercedes to pay 91,000 French francs compensation to Sehli for "dismissing him without any conclusive reasons". The worker had originally wanted a pay-off of 750,000 French francs.

Sehli's influence on the German Grand Prix proved decisive as Ferrari's Rubens Barrichello claimed a maiden victory despite starting from 18th on the grid.