SEPTEMBER 22, 2000

Ecclestone backs Donington bid to host 2002 British Grand Prix

British American Racing announced on Friday that they have signed up with two new commercial partners - and ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc.

Nevada-based has signed a "multi-year" contract with BAR. The online auction company has a distinctive 'racing bee' logo, which will appear on the front wings of Jacques Villeneuve's and Ricardo Zonta's cars.

Canadian-based ART, meanwhile, are specialists in laser and thermal imaging technologies and will help BAR have access to a leading edge system that will enhance the quality and performance of their cars.

"We are very pleased to welcome and ART to BAR," said BAR managing director Craig Pollock. " is a young free-thinking organization that is hungry for success - a lot like BAR.

"ART, with its expertise in laser and thermal imaging systems, is a natural with the world of Grand Prix racing. We look forward to building successful relationships with both companies."