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SEPTEMBER 10, 2000

Barrichello claims Frentzen must be banned for 10 races

Rubens Barrichello squarely blamed Heinz-Harald Frentzen for causing Sunday's fatal multiple accident at the Italian Grand Prix and said he should be banned from racing for 10 events.

The angry Ferrari driver was slammed into by Frentzen's Jordan when he braked late at the second chicane on the first lap of the race won by his team-mate Michael Schumacher.

Afterwards, waving at the damage caused to his helmet by the accident in which Pedro de la Rosa's Arrows car barrell-rolled over his own, the simmering Latin American said: "Frentzen should be banned for ten races.

"He was totally responsible for what happened and he should be suspended. He should be out for at least 10 races. It is completely unbelievable that he should think I was braking early.

"I was overtaking Jarno Trulli and I was braking as late as I could. He should not be using the car in front of him as a reference for his braking points.

"I am very lucky to be alive. It could have killed a lot more people than one."

Barrichello said he had a big hole in his helmet from de la Rosa's collision.