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AUGUST 23, 2000

Ferrari engine boost

FERRARI are taking an evolution version of their 049 engine to Spa in a bid to keep Michael Schumacher in the hunt for the World Championship.

The new, lighter version will provide Schumacher with more power, and combined with a modified aerodynamics package, will offer the team a much-needed boost.

Along with the advantage of extra power, the reduced weight of the engine will give Ferrari more weight available to move around the car as ballast - offering the team more set-up options.

The unit will only be used in qualifying, however, because the team do not believe it is reliable enough to complete a full race distance. It will undergo further endurance tests in the two weeks following the race at Spa, and should be raced in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

The team will still use a development version of its Hungarian Grand Prix engine, but it will not be as light or powerful as the latest development.

Michael Schumacher, who remarked after the Hungarian Grand Prix that there was more than just the engine to work on, has confirmed that developments have been made in all areas to create an all-round better car.

"We haven't only worked on the engine," said the German. "We've done work on the aerodynamics and mechanical components as well - on virtually ever sector of the car.

"The Ferrari you will see at Spa will be as good as it was before. We aim to be as competitive as McLaren were in the last Grand Prix and we are confident we have achieved this."

McLaren, however, are also certain to have developed their car from what it was in Hungary, but if Ferrari have made the advances they claim, the

competition in Spa will be very close.